Updates Log

August 10, 2009: So much for the "within the week" thing! :p There was a problem with my CSS and how it works with Enthusiast, so I had to make some layout changes. That required more time than I had to offer at the time, however, so everything has waited. I have, however, opened my new newest fanlistings over at the domain, and am in the process of getting the others moved over. I'm refusing to give time estimates any longer, however. :) But stay tuned!

June 7, 2009: I've been forgetting to post here as I make updates! Whoops. :) The most recent news is that I've added one new namelisting (Signe) and have submitted applications for three more, all Irish masculine names. Hopefully I will hear back soon! In the meantime, I am working at moving all of the namelistings over to their new domain, which I hope to have up and running within the week. All good news! :)

April 11, 2009: I like low-maintenance listings. :) I've processed all pending memberships and also launched the Hope namelisting, which took entirely too long considering the fact that I had finished the graphics for the layout more than a month ago. Whoops! :) I have some other names in mind for future listings, but right now, I'm really happy with these ones. I might send in some more applications in a couple weeks once I've had some more time to think about ones I'd really like to maintain.

March 8, 2009: The collective has been launched! Since this is the general layout I plan to use for all of my namelistings, I decided it was only fitting that I use it for the collective as well. I picked the name "Sobriquets" because I feel like, on a philosophical level, all of our names are just diminutive representations of who we are, so in that sense, we all go by "nicknames." The collective is obviously still small, but hopefully I will be able to add some of my other beloved names in the future. Currently, the only namelisting that I still have on the upcoming list is Hope, which is the name of one of my sisters and one that I think is truly beautiful. :)

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